Vol. 1

This weekend I will be listening to Radio Garden to explore music around the world. I immediately gravitated towards Barcelona and Paris; two cities I love and have always enjoyed the music scene.

My sister-in-law came over this week and we were talking about Nadine Artemis. I grabbed my Renegade Beauty and we started diving it. She ordered herself a copy and I have taken this week re-exploring this book that has given me so much already.

Always anything Christy Dawn for me! I love their sustainability and obviously their beautiful dresses. I treated myself to this dress for an upcoming vacation and the Spring months ahead.

The most perfect lounge jumper I have ever seen. I gifted this to my brothers girlfriend as part of her Christmas present. It’s so dreamy. May need to grab one so we can be Cleo Romper twins.

Japan on my on the top of my travel list for a while now. I am really putting it out there to go this year. This will have to be a must for Chase and I to stay at. Ryokan of my dreams.