Traveling the 395

As I write this I am currently in Mammoth Lakes, CA: a beautiful small mountain town 5 hours north of Los Angeles. It’s quite a spectacular place and one I have been fortunate to come to regularly for 20 years. If you ever find yourself journeying this way I have a few spots that you should discover.

Still Life | the most exquisite French food you will have outside of France. This is perhaps the only restaurant in Independence - a tiny town on the 395 on your way north. You must try their escargot, its perfection.

Bristlecone Pine Forest | visit what is believed as the oldest living forest in the world, with pines over 4000 years old. Oh, the magic and wisdom they hold!

Rainbow Falls | a great day hike (or camp) to basalt columns and Rainbow Falls waterfall. You can even brave the cold water if you dare. If you continue to hike past Rainbow Falls you will get to a smaller waterfall with less crowds and epic cliff jumping.

Mammoth Brewery | after a long day of skiing, hiking, fishing, hot spring hopping, it’s always nice to end up here to enjoy a local brew.

Mountain Sol Yoga | relax and stretch and this welcoming yoga studio in town.

Lake Mary | I have spent endless hours on this lake and it is yet to get old. You can rent a canoe, hike one of the many trains around, or simply take in its beauty.

Elixir | fuel up on delicious bowls, juices and smoothies.

Hot Springs | there are endless, well known and hidden gems, throughout this land.

The land up here is healing and powerful - take deep breaths and ground yourself into Mama Earth whenever possible.