Rain Ritual

This weekend in Southern California has been a rainy dreamy place. It’s a beautiful intuition that we all have to naturally want to curl up and go inward. Relaxing by the fire, drinking tea and eating warming foods all while reading a great book are truly some of my most favorite things. With the recent devastation of the Woolsey fire, it’s a glimmer of hope to see all the new life sprouting in the canyons. Rain is a life force.

Some of my favorite rainy day rituals include -

Healing Baths | load up on the salts, essential oils, rose petals - anything that relaxes you and gives YOU some you time

Nude in the rain | I understand a lot of people can not do this because of where they live. My husband and my house back up to protected land..aka no backyard neighbors. A few minutes being naked outside is incredibly healing. Hello negative ions!

Teas & Soups | I find myself drinking a lot more warmer tonics and becoming quite hydrated during these days. Several cups of medicinal tea, white bean + kale soup, bone broths, etc.

Reading | my ideal past time. I am currently reading THIS history book issued in 1901.

Watch some tv | I am a sucker for time period pieces. As I write this I am under a giant heating blanket, my dog on one side and cat on the other, watching Victoria.

Our bodies instinctually react to weather. I really enjoy slowing down and taking it easy during these (very) rare raining days in LA.