Ceremony - New Moon

On Monday night I went to a friend’s house for she was holding a New Moon Ceremony at her house. I have hosted and attended these in the past and they always are a magical evening. There really is something quite ancestral about being surrounded by women while being vulnerable. We share our gratitudes and intentions for the next Moon Circle to come.

This coming circle I am focusing on being more present and grounded while creating daily acts of ritual. I have never been one for routine, perhaps because of my upbringing moving states often and not having any true settlement.I want to bring more ceremony into my everyday. Here are some ritual acts I am going to start implementing into my daily.

Prayer | Giving it up to my higher power, asking for guidance, letting go of what no longer serves me

Meditation | Quieting this overactive mind. Using breath techniques, guided meditations and sound baths to further my quest for inner silence

Baths | An act of self care I have always been behind. Throw in the, essential oils and bring in a book.

Yoga | Every damn day. Even for a quick 15 minutes at home session. Moving often for my body, mind and soul.

Incense | Beeswax candles, Palo Santo, Sage. Light something daily to keep energy flowing.

Sauna | My husband and I are about to place our order for an Infrared and I fully intend on using this everyday.