Sustainable Beginnings

For as long as I can remember I have always had a deep connection to Mother Earth. As I got older I become more aware of the dire need to take care of her in my everyday. I believe little actions can have a great effect on her outcome. A quote I always come back to is, “We Do Not Inherit the Earth from Our Ancestors; We Borrow It from Our Children” - Native American Proverb. A wonderful truth that helps inspire me to continuously do better.

I by no means live a zero waste life. I indulge in the occasional smoothie from my local juice bar, buy from Amazon and get Earth unfriendly packaging, buy foods that come in a plastic container, but I am aware of what is necessary and keep trudging forward.

A few everyday, easy changes can have a positive outcome.

  • Swap out the grocery store bags for more eco-friendly reusable bags. Find at our local thrift store or buy new.

  • Eat local, organic and seasonal produce. My husband and I enjoy going to our Farmers Market on Thursday (bring our own bags) and loading up on a beautiful abundance of food. By supporting small farms we are helping the local economy, reducing carbon footprint of the food source and typically the food taste so much better!

  • Stop fast shopping. This means no longer partaking in trendy stores where their overseas employers aren’t paid a fair wage. This is a huge topic this is not often talked about but when we buy cheap, fast clothing the longevity is cut short and will most likely end up in a land fill. Plus, I no longer want to give my money where young kids are treated poorly and don’t get a fair pay.

  • No more straws. Say no at the restaurants and invest in metal or glass straws to use everyday at home. I swear our smoothies taste better when we use our metal straws.

  • The saying is true, “someone’s trash is another’s treasure.” Thrift or shop second hand when possible. It’s a more sustainable way to fill your home with beautiful belongings and to obtain a wardrobe that many others won’t know. I get more compliments on my thrifted scores than anything else.

While this all can be an adjustment, making small changes now are needed for helping our Earth repair.